1 Reason Why Midwest Is Best

A couple months ago, I made it back to my parents' place for a visit. Before I left, my dad scrambled to the basement freezer to send me back with a grocery bag full of frozen venison meat. The usual.

For a little background, my father does not pry. He doesn't often ask for details about my life - not because he doesn't care, but because he, like most Midwestern fathers, prefers to avoid any uncomfortable conversations.

So this was a rare moment.

As he was filling a bag of deer meat, he decided to ask me if I was seeing anyone. This is how he asked: 

"So...how much meat should I give you?"

"I don't know; I just have a small freezer [in my 1-bdrm apt. where I live alone]."

*clears throat* "Well....are you...cooking for just yourself or...?"

"Just me, Dad."

"Okay. Drive safe."