What Donald Trump Can't Do:

Donald Trump was elected president, and somehow, the sun still rose. (Correction, it's rising in central time USA...I'm watching it right now. Stay tuned for an update)

Is the American population in fear? It appears that way. Where does it appear that way? On social media. In the conversations we produce. In the thoughts we permit to enter our minds and permeate our souls.

Yes, this is crazy. The election was crazy. We are in the crazy. But now it's time to wake up.

Now, it's time to live your life.

6:40 AM, November 9, 2016, Crappy One-Bedroom Apartment, Fargo, ND, USA

I've been awake for an hour-- here's my timeline:

  • woke up at 5:30AM, checked my reality on my phone, took a screenshot of the election results
  • Rolled over, Donald Trump wasn't in my bed.
  • Turned on my light, wished my room was cleaner. Trump didn't come to clean my room. And he certainly didn't mess it up.
  • Went to the bathroom, put on makeup. Likely would've put on makeup regardless of whether or not I feel my femininity is being threatened.
  • Put on pants. Thank God the presidents haven't made it illegal to sleep pantsless yet.
  • Made coffee. A whole pot. Will I drink the whole thing? Maybe, maybe not. That's up to me; it's not up to Trump. 
  • Wrote a piano intro to a song I haven't written yet. Guess what? Not a soul on this earth has power over the existence of music. Even if the writing of music were to be outlawed, I could still imagine it. How cool is that?
  • Noticed the sunrise. Felt grateful to be alive.
  • Wrote this blog. I still have my freedom of speech. I still have the freedom to believe. To decide what thoughts I let enter my mind. To act. To do. To dream.

It's now 6:53 AM and I can confirm, the sun has risen. In a little bit I'm going to drive to work, as long as Trump hasn't personally slashed my tires (fingers crossed). The president has been chosen and everyone will perceive it differently. But the only one who can perceive my world through my eyes is me. Apathy is a choice, and it's certainly not the path I would ever advise walking. In your world, whatever is in your control today is up to you. In my world, today is up to me. And today, I'm choosing to be optimistic.