To everyone reading this, thank you. Somehow you discovered this page, and I hope I can convince you to tag along with me on this journey.

If you're here, there's a good chance you know me personally, and that means you know music and I have been pals for 23 years. But somewhere along the line, it became deeper. Here's a little timeline:

October 1993 was when my music timeline began.

November 2014 was when the gears shifted.

December 2014-August 2016 my brain was restlessly looping "sighs" and "ugghs" (the complaining 'uggh,' not the Australian boots). For almost two years I was dabbling, lost, and confused.

But then it happened. September 2016. My BFD (Big _____ Dream) appeared, and we made a deal. If I believed in myself and put every effort into achieving it, my BFD wouldn't let me down. So here I am, 11:47PM, finishing a pot of coffee and trying to squeeze a few more notes from my out-of-tune Kawai piano I found on sale at Savers Thrift Store.

Something real is happening, friends.

I don't know how much content I'll put out each week, or month. I don't know how often I'll update this blog. I don't know how long it will take me to reach some of the goals under my BFD umbrella. But I do know this: I'm not letting the fear of not achieving the BFD stop me from chasing it. I'm more determined than ever before, and I'm so excited for the music I have yet to make and the people I'll get to share it with.

I'm taking an adventure fueled by faith, optimism, and determination to see where my BFD wants to go. Won't you join me?