Marketing Music and SEO

Tonight I Googled my name. It's probably been two years since I've done that, but I was curious. Thankfully I discovered some old YouTube videos that needed to be removed. Past Lacey gave it her best shot. 

The neato thing about self-creeping was that I remembered doing the same search two years ago, wishing that every search result would be relevant to my music and the career I'm trying to build. I thought, "gosh, that's gonna take years." And I was right. 

Marketing yourself on social channels takes consistency and time. It's a part of the business that I wish I cared less about, but I firmly believe it's a necessary tool. Try your best to not let your pride get in the way of utilizing the channels that are available to you. Unless you're lucky enough to have a piece of content go viral, you've just gotta keep plugging away. Eventually you'll build up your presence. 

This is a blah post, but taking the time to market your music is a blah task. So maybe this is an abstract form of art. Or maybe I just needed to word vomit these thoughts somewhere..