Inspiration will strike...

Dear new friend/acquaintance/whoever you might be if you're reading this:

I've all but removed myself from the life of performing covers--songs that were written by other people--when it comes to my regular gigs (disregarding private events). But one thing I've never done until tonight is written music over words that have already been written.

If you're lucky enough, once in a rare while, you'll meet someone so real that you're forced to pull yourself back into the beauty of reality. That happened to me today. Then, late tonight, I took that moment, found an appropriate poem, and turned it into a song. While I write this blog, I can hardly remember writing that song. The melody just fell out of a new part of my soul that grew today. It hasn't been around long enough for me to store it in my memory. This is the best way I can explain the song I wrote tonight.

The creative process for me is rarely like this. I don't just have spurts of inspiration day after day, song after song. Normally, song writing is work. It's hard. I have to force myself to do it, even though it's something I enjoy doing. I envy artists who can just wake up and create joyfully (if such artists truly exist). But when these moments do happen, it's important I hold onto them and never forget them. These moments reaffirm my choices and my path. They renew my faith and give me Hope for tomorrow.

This thought blurb likely begs more questions than it answers, but for now, I carry your heart.