I love my day job.

I'll talk more about this soon, but lately I've been realizing how happy I am doing what I do.

I'm a certified Dream Manager and yes that's a real thing.

I spend 40 hours a week meeting with people, listening to them passionately talk about how they're pursuing their goals and dreams. As an added bonus, they inspire me to keep working towards my ultimate dream of becoming a full-time touring singer-songwriter. 

Having a backup career plan isn't always the best path for all creative people. A safety net that's too big can all-too-often be tempting to fall into. The key is to recognize the signs of falling into a net that's going to carry you away from your greater purpose. That's how you'll know when to walk away.

For me personally, my current day job is the path I've felt drawn to. I've decided it's okay to juggle multiple things at once, as long as I don't drop the ball that is music.

Not a single person on this planet knows you better than you know yourself. If the unorthodox thing you're doing feels like the right direction, keep going. Trust your path. Remember the lessons you've learned from not following your instincts in the past. But most importantly, always be kind to others and do what you love, full-stop.