This is my second blog about my dad.

I released my EP in my hometown of 1100 people last night. 

It was a very successful event, and a lot of fun. 

But let me tell you, Dad of the Year Award goes to my Pa, beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

My grandpa drives to Texas every autumn through winter, and each spring one of his kids flies down to Texas and drives back to Minnesota with him. Normally, the drive back takes a few days with time to rest and stretch and maybe do a little sight seeing. 

This year, my Dad flew down to Texas and drove back with my grandpa. They left on Thursday, 4.20 at 11AM. I knew this meant my dad would miss my release party, but no big deal! I'll have plenty more shows.

Last night (Friday, 4.21) at 7:30 PM, I walked on stage and saw my dad sitting next to my teary-eyed, proud mother in the front row. Dad drove 30 hours, non-stop, to make it to my release party. 

I have the best dad in the world.