Am I Meant To Do This?

Sometimes I ask myself, "am I really meant to be a songwriter?" I don't remember how I wound up where I am, writing my own music. I just knew I wanted to perform on a stage and I could never imagine singing words that someone else wrote for me. And since this is the only process I've ever known, I sometimes wonder if it's the correct way to go about it. But then moments of creative genius attack, in a good way.

Usually when I write music, I sit down at my piano until something comes out. It's usually more miss than hit. Today, however, was different.; I had a very cliche moment of inspiration. I opened up YouTube and clicked on a recommended "fall music playlist." I pressed play, heard one chord through my laptop speakers, and then my creative switch flipped. I pressed pause.

I immediately got up, went to my piano, and somehow my fingers knew exactly what piano line to play. I started singing nonsense words until I got the piano part down, and then the words sort of just fell out of me. The whole song took about an hour and a half to write, and I feel like it's an album-maker. 

Moments like these reassure me to keep plugging away at my trade.