Weeks Until Release Show: 6

As my album release quickly approaches, I’d like to share bits and pieces about lessons I’ve learned during the making of “Over Again.” Here’s a couple stories regarding the sentiment in the image below:


Story #1: When I released my live EP, “Will Play for Coffee,” I knew it was an important milestone, but I mostly wanted to free myself to work on a full-band, polished album. I told my family about the event, and my dad was disappointed because he wouldn’t be able to make it. He would be driving my grandpa back to Minnesota from Texas at the time of the show. I told him, sincerely, that it was no big deal, and he could catch the next one. However, when I walked out on stage that night, sitting in the front row with proud and sleepy eyes was my dad. He drove 24+ hours non-stop so that he could be there for my release. Kindness by him, and a lifetime of gratitude from me.

Story #2: I played a bigger show a couple years ago, and I didn’t know about merch splits. At the end of the night, I got into an argument with a representative of the venue because I thought I was being treated poorly. Rather, I was just being arrogant and ignorant. After walking away that night, I was so scared I had burned an important bridge, and my pride had gotten the best of me. I sent an apology e-mail, not expecting to receive anything back. Instead, I received a very lengthy reply that stated I shouldn’t worry about it and these things happen. I was completely forgiven, and definitely did not burn a bridge. In the music industry, instances like this can ruin successful opportunities for independent musicians. Instead, this person chose to simply forgive me and put it behind us. I was neither kind nor grateful that night, but I was shown unearned kindness that I will forever be grateful for and have learned a valuable lesson from.